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At Socio Sustain, we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs become more successful and sustainable. Through our capacity building, consultancy, and training services, we provide the support and resources needed to take businesses to the next level. With a focus on design, syllabus, and innovation, we are your partner in achieving success. More than 5 years of consulting in entrepreneurship domain, building capacities of aspiring entrepreneurs.


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Achieving an Eco-Conscious Balance of Good Health & Nutrition

IntroductionFood and nutrition are essential for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Eating a balanced diet can provide the body with all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. When considering nutrition, we must also consider eco-friendliness. How can we create a balance between eating nutritious food that is good for both ourselves…

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Perspectives on Crafting Lasting & Eco-Conscious Business Strategies that Ensure Long-Term Success

IntroductionIn today’s competitive global economy, it is important for businesses to focus on sustainable strategies that can help them achieve long-term success. Sustainable business models are designed with the aim of maximizing profits while reducing environmental impacts and ensuring minimal disruption to natural resources. This involves incorporating environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, renewable energy sources,…

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Unleash the Power of Innovations in Food Processing for Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural Areas

IntroductionRural livelihoods refer to the economic activities of people living in rural areas that support their wellbeing and provide for their needs. These activities can include subsistence farming, animal husbandry, fishing, forestry and other forms of informal employment. The main goal of these activities is to improve the quality of life for those living in rural…

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Unlocking Your Inner Entrepreneur: Understanding Why These Skills Matter

IntroductionEntrepreneurial skills can be a valuable asset in today’s business world. These skills are not only necessary for creating successful businesses, but also for developing the kind of mindset that is needed to succeed in any industry or venture. Entrepreneurial skills involve having an understanding of the market and being able to formulate strategies and solutions…

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Harnessing Food Processing Technologies to Achieve Sustainability

Introduction Food processing technologies are a vital part of the global food system, with an estimated 60% of processed foods consumed worldwide. These technologies have come a long way from traditional methods such as canning and pickling to more advanced processes like freezing and dehydration. Food processing is used to extend shelf life, enhance flavor and…

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